Miniature Terrain Making Vol. 1

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Crafting Tutorials - Templates - Inspiration

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Philipp Preiser and Marina Preiser
Miniature Terrain Making Vol. 1

Dramatic rock formations made from polystyrene, tactical building ruins made from foam board, or even a grim mausoleum made entirely from cardboard? Learn how to make fantastic terrain models using easy techniques and inexpensive materials.

Your crafting projects are supported by templates with which you can design buildings, doors, and masonry. The templates are printed in the book and are available as PDF download.

In addition to the detailed crafting tutorials, the book also presents larger and more special terrain projects. The atmospheric and detailed photographed models invite you to follow the path of the Miniature Terrain Maker. Have fun creating your own Fantastic Worlds!

Are you interested in tabletop terrain, dioramas and model landscaping?

Then Miniature Terrain Making Vol. 1 is just the thing for you!


Miniature Terrain Making Vol. 1, 1st edition, Lüdinghausen 2023, hardcover A4, 230 pages, ISBN: 978-3-00-075897-3

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